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Conservation of Monuments and metalwork Lighting Art

Mirosław Iwanek, Urszula Iwanek

Workshop "Candle S.C." It is operating since 1982. Our main specialty is in metal. We have both a wide range of ready-made chandeliers and wall lamps as well as willing to undertake professional renovation of lighting, different types of metal structures and parts of construction and stone. Among our customers there are many architects who commissioning us their execution, usually custom designs are always satisfied with the result of our work.

In his daily business use both cutting-edge technology, as well as if necessary use traditional techniques of metalworking. Nearly 30 years in the industry allows us to individually adjust the tool to the requirements of each order, and to offer customers only the highest quality services.

We offer you a comprehensive performance atypical interior elements, including both modern items, all kinds of partitions or screens, as well as chandeliers, brass, or crystal. Our specialty is also already mentioned the renovation of lighting. We preservation of historic architectural elements and useful objects, such as various types of metal railings, brass wares and chandeliers, including those in the style of the Duchy of Warsaw or Flamand. We are authorized by the Regional Conservator in Warsaw for work in historic buildings. We make every effort, using all her skills and knowledge that offered by our company services, as well as all items for interior decoration, such as a stylish metal railings and brass radiator cover, and sculpture, meet the requirements of each customer.

Our knowledge, professionalism and experience mean that not only Warsaw and located in the offices, public institutions, hotels and churches are the main area of ​​our business. Offered by the studio "Candle S.C." products, including metal railings, can be seen in Polish cities.





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